Don Pablo Edronkin

On Liberty And Equality (I).

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This essay deals with the meaning of liberty and equality as seen by Plato, Locke, Rousseau and Marx, but before entering into the formal aspects of their views it is necessary to comment about other aspects that are incumbent to the matter: any analysis regarding what different authors have to say about any concept defined by apparently precise terms is usually infected by a certain temptation to make a literal comparison between their ideas.

Nevertheless, such a comparison would be probably wrong since an important element of the context would not be take into account, and that is the subjective meanings given by each one of the authors to such concepts.

Saussure says that the meaning of a word has various different aspects or dimensions: every word has a meaning; that is, the idea that each word expresses or symbolises. Besides, every word has a form or shape, which is the word itself as composed by letters; this is the vessel that contains the idea.

Thus, different words in different languages may express a similar concept: house, haus, dom, casa and maison have different forms coming from different symbolic languages but express the same idea.

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