P. Edronkin

On Liberty And Equality (II).

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On the other hand, words can have various meanings, which is to say that different meanings, perhaps disconnected completely one from the other, are expressed thorough a similar symbolic structure. For example, 'black' expresses the concept of a colour. But it can also be used to express evilness, pessimism, death, elegance, etc.

The subjective meaning that everyone assigns to apparently objective concepts is the third dimension of this matter: a 'dog' is a canine, but for each person, this word means a particular animal with peculiar characteristics, or perhaps it invokes the memory of a dog that usually bites people or has a bad character.

Therefore, 'liberty' and 'equality' may express very different ideas.

The fourth dimension in this issue is the degree of entropy that any word has between its form and its precise original concept depending on the usage that people make of it: house and home are used commonly to express the same idea, although their meaning is not exactly the same.

'Machina improba' in Latin refers to a not-so-good machine; in Spanish, 'Máquina ímproba' could mean the same, albeit it could also refer to an untested or new machine as well, which is not necessarily of a bad quality. Meanings change, get eliminated or are created.

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