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On Liberty And Equality (III).

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This is an important aspect of this linguistic matter regarding political philosophy, since this ambivalence or duality of meanings can affect the idea contained in a sentence or paragraph, and that is, as we know from experience, very dangerous: odd interpretations of the Bible, the Quoran, Darwinism natural versus social human differences, etc have produced thorough history some major disasters.

To use different meanings in the same context constitutes a persuasive, non-formal logical fallacy. These are, simply put, lies that look persuasive and thus, correct.

Some other differences should also be taken into account: cultural norms, the degree of knowledge and development of the author's epoch, etc. can change meanings or alter them.

For example, the definition of a metre as a measuring unit has undergone thorough seven or eight re-definitions in two centuries. For the common user of the metric system those modifications may appear unnecessarily academic, but for certain users and uses such as those of the realms of physics, engineering, etc. this can hardly be considered an abstract use.

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