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On Liberty And Equality (IV).

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These comments are mandatory before attempting to comment on philosophical concepts treated by different authors: philosophers are human beings and cannot avoid being subjective. Thus the meaning that we give to the words that authors write on a sheet of paper has a real existence.

As this subjectivity is inherently private, we may never know for sure what were the author's real subjective meanings or ideas, but we can make some inferences. For example: Plato justified his views on some social issues on the fact that he was an aristocrat. Marx resented the status quo of his epoch, both in philosophical as well as social and political terms. Locke was attempting to justify a revolution thorough his work, and Rousseau was a sensitively orthodox romantic.

Another important factor that we should take into account is the way in which these four authors express their views: sometimes, their ideas are explicit, while in other cases the can only be inferred or deduced. Rigorous analysis would call for a clear differentiation between those statements, but due to the special characteristics of this essay, both explicit and implicit ideas will be treated as of the same kind.

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