Don Pablo Edronkin

On Liberty And Equality (VI).

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Scientific and social changes show a very different perspective on many issues, and the expansion of population certainly changes the nature of states and their citizens.

From Locke and onwards, a tendency to frame the state in its attributions has been developed. The enhancement of personal liberty has been achieved, thus at the expense of state power.

Locke and Rousseau oppose absolute monarchies because in fact they oppose absolute power per se, whether it comes from a King or just a thug.

Marx is perhaps similar to Plato is some aspects, especially in the relative importance of the individual versus the state or social group in order to decide about the well-being and choices of the people. However, as Marx states in his own work, he and Engels try to break completely with what we call liberalism (economic) now, and they understand as bourgeois society, so their work is difficult to compare without receiving strong criticism.

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