Don Pablo Edronkin

On Liberty And Equality (VIII).

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Thus, both pairs of authors have fundamental differences in conceptual terms. These differences, plus factors involving the manipulation of symbols and linguistics imply that it is not possible to compare accurately concepts elaborated under very different conditions and circumstances without risking serious misinterpretations: for example, a superficial analysis of Plato's Kallipolis may lead to the conclusion that the philosopher was the first Nazi ideologist.

Liberty, property and equality seem to be discrete concepts, but in reality they are continuous in their evolution, meaning and implications: there is a difference of degree in the use of these concepts that is at least as important as those concepts themselves.

This continuity involves the social extent to which they are applied (i.e. How many people enjoy them), as well as the degree to which they are enjoyed. For example, if freedom of opinion has certain limits or not, if justice is really fair with everyone or some may escape its leverage by some sort of immunity, etc.

What nominally may exists as a right, even by means of positive enforcement, does not necessarily reach all members of the group where those rights are allegedly enforced: Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and others like them are a reaction to the discrete usage of rights which are supposedly and ostensibly universal.

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