Don Pablo Edronkin

On Liberty And Equality (IX).

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'Liberty' has different meanings for these four philosophers: for Plato, liberty is a concept essentially related to the city or state. Greek philosophers did not conceive this concept for the realm of individuality. Slavery, for example, was considered legitimate. Even citizens who fell prisoners of another Polis during a war could be enslaved (See Slave Traders).

Usual justifications for slavery, such as those put forward by Plato, Montesquieu, etc. are based on religious, economical, ethnical and even aesthetic prejudices; these explanations are non-egalitarian per se.

Furthermore, slavery was commonplace until the industrial revolution (See Slave Traders), and therefore, our idea of egalitarianism appears to have evolved only recently and I personally think that its roots are still rather shallow.

This is intriguing, because a sensation is left floating in the air that the abolition of slavery did not happen because statesmen were suddenly enlightened with goodness, but rather because it was a practical way to get rid of people who were more expensive to maintain that machines, or because they found a nice recruiting procedure for depleted armies.

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