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On Liberty And Equality (X).

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Moreover: the fact that in societies where orthodox economic neo-liberalism has been applied as an absolute doctrine of state, lie in Latin America during the decade between 1990 and the year 2000, the ensuing revision of labour legislation and the quest for 'efficiency' led to substantial abuses which are reminiscent of a 'soft slavery.'

On the other hand, Marx stays at the opposite en in this matter, supporting the abolition of classes and thus giving, at leas in theory, the same degree of liberty to everyone and absolute equality of results, which is not the same as equality of efforts ('From everyone according to his capacity, to everyone according to his needs'), but the results of the practical use of his ideas to an orthodox degree speak eloquently of their defects and shortcomings.

Liberty, equality, property, etc. are interdependent concepts which cannot exist alone and without any relation to the others; Locke is the one among the four authors who treated more integrally these ideas, and by doing so he found more interrelations than the others who, being more dogmatic, could not see the practical undertones and implications of their ideas, thus achieving only theoretical models.

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