Don Pablo Edronkin

On Liberty And Equality (XI).

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Nevertheless, when Locke refers to 'property' he assigns ambivalent meanings to the word, sometimes referring to it as a synonym of 'liberty.'

There is also the disturbing possibility that our outlook of the world has been formed mostly by practical decisions devoid of what we conceive as human qualities and that we only attempt to find excuses to believe that we did such and such thing because we are good. We might ask if our modern Western societies would have been so nice with people for other causes other than fear for Marxism.

For Locke and Rousseau, the idea of freedom has a personal dimension that does not exist for Plato and is despised by Marx: men are naturally free and have complete freedom to decide. For Marx and Plato, if we can speak of rights in their case, everything comes from the dictatorship of society.

Locke sees society as a bonus, while Rousseau sees it as a disadvantage. Both authors are more proximate to our way of thinking than Marx or Plato because Western societies are based on individualism and therefore, it is in the culture of every citizen to feel that he or she is entitled to certain things.

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