Don Pablo Edronkin

On Liberty And Equality (XII).

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Kamikaze pilots volunteered for suicidal missions not because they believed so much in reincarnation or because they thought that it would be fun to die, but because they understood it was their duty to do so as elements of a social group.

Their powerful sense of duty eliminated from the collective mind of their society as well as theirs all rights to which they might have aspired as individuals on different circumstances. They were not forced, in a physical sense, to sit in their own coffins.

The sense of duty eliminated their sense of right as much as our sense of right ('I have the right to live and I am not responsible for the mistakes of my leaders') makes us reject such perceived duties.

Marx and Plato are, in a sense, egalitarians, but not liberals. They support a peculiar corporate liberalism (the state, the working class, the guardians, etc.) while Rousseau and Locke are both egalitarians and more liberal in personal and individual aspects. Marx does not neglect individual autonomy as much as Plato, but believes that it can only be achieved by means of wholesale destruction of the present society and the state itself, which is something akin to impossibility.

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