Don Pablo Edronkin

On Liberty And Equality (XIII).

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There is a fundamental difference about the role of the state in their models and as a result, a difference on the behaviour of citizens and their own views on liberty and equality.

People living under the shadow of an internally strong state have a completely different outlook on the universe than those living in a liberal society: in post-communist countries people are not worried about 'minor things' such as the attributions and abuses of the police; their frequently brutal actions are seen as just mere details, as compared to what happens in western countries when such cases are discovered.

When brutality is tolerated and excessively strict punishments exist, societies tend to become increasingly violent: if the same penalty is applied for common theft as well as murder, then, since dead people cannot testify, criminals would prefer to eliminate potential witnesses.

Medieval states did not eliminate crime, and an alleged zeal to protect the liberty, equality or property may end in extreme injustice. Stalin, for once, transformed communism into a killing machine; certainly, there was little common crime in the Soviet Union at that time, but then, his regime was merciless in every department.

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