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On Liberty And Equality (XIV).

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When a state means everything in a society, what happens to individual citizens is of no concern unless it implies fundamental changes to the whole society and thus, as in such states individuals have no rights since there is no concept of individual righteousness in their culture, the state is not concerned about what happens to innocent, law-abiding people, cruelty becomes a state policy, and since such a state imposes control over people based on fear, reason is only limited to what the state ultimately dictates.

Since fear is based on cruelty, and fear has to be refreshed in novel ways, such societies tend to become increasingly violent.

The result of all this is that resentment tends to grow slowly, and the population is left waiting for some excuse to vent their resentment and start a violent confrontation. What happened in the Balkans, for example, could be predicted just by reading the region's history.

Marx suggests expropriations, strikes, revolts and a revolution against bourgeois classes: this violent reaction to abuses, this levelling down of everyone in a society is not equality but equalisation, and as he states, that can only be achieved thorough more or less violent measures and a sense of justice that trespasses the boundaries of plain revenge.

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