Don Pablo Edronkin

On Liberty And Equality (XVI).

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Equality and liberty are concepts based on the right of people to enjoy their lives and not in the destruction of those who are not liked by a fraction, whether big or small, in the same way as the existence of democracy does not imply a dictatorship of the majority upon minorities because two wrongs will never make one right.

Rousseau also makes similar mistakes concerning equality, or at least upon its enforcement by means of a dictatorship disguised as a democracy, mainly because such double standards always fail, sooner or later.

Fundamental parts of Plato's and Marx's models would never be viable for these reasons. Locke and Rousseau (especially the former) could craft more terrestrial ideals because they appeal to the individual instead of the collective, even for their collective goals; both these authors imply that everything comes from the individual's conscience, and individuals can easily control groups, but groups always find hard to control all individuals.

The idea of what a 'right' is, is relative and probably an invention of recent Western philosophy. We may conclude that concepts such as liberty and equality, that we understand as natural rights or conditions, are just a way to look at things and human deeds which, by the way, could be seen from another perspective such as that of duty, in which case what we consider as good would probably be seen as something devious.

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