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When eighty-year old Doris Drum began dating young men in the neighborhood, in 1932, a movie cost about 25 cents -- and that included a candy bar and a comic book. Grandma Drum reminisces:

"My brother, Leck, was given a $1.00 bill from our dad to take a girl out on a date. Oh my... how times have changed."

- survey respondent

"I usually spend about $125.00 on a date. Can't really get around it. I guess you could save money with a picnic, but nobody does that stuff anymore."

- 30-year old from Los Angeles

What do you want to do? I don't know, what do you want to do? Well, let's get a bite to eat and hit a movie.

Not so fast... If you're in Los Angeles, you better have at least $90.00; in New York, make it $110.00. Philadelphia-based, one of the longest running Internet romance communities, just completed the initial phase of their cost of dating index designed to give a rough estimate of the cost of dating in American cities -- beginning with Philadelphia, New York and Los Angeles.

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