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Of the three, Philadelphia turned out to be the most reasonably priced city. We've got more than great hockey, history and hoagies.

'Here's yet another great thing about Philadelphia,' said Jennifer Klein, President and Founder of 'Cities like New York and San Francisco serve obnoxiously high restaurant bills. Sporting events in cities like Los Angeles can bring the cost of a date up to $300.00 or so (with cheap tickets). I wanted to see how Philadelphia compared to LA and New York.'

Initial Survey Results: Here's a snapshot of initial survey results. The initial survey looked at 6 key areas: flowers, dinner, movies, sporting events, drinks and transportation.

In April and May of this year, conducted a random phone survey of flower shops, movie theaters, restaurants, and more.

Dinner and a Movie In Los Angeles -- the average cost for dinner and a movie is about $95.00. The average cost in New York, however, reached about $110.00 because of higher dinner prices and transportation costs (i.e., cab fare).

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