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The good news: A dinner and a movie in Philadelphia, according to our initial survey results, averages only $75.00, a 20-25% difference. The cost of food by thieves behind movie concession counters was not included in our initial survey.

These figures were estimated from an index of flowers (single stem red rose), average dinner and tip (estimated from variety of restaurant guides), movie tickets (randomly selected movie theatres), two drinks and transportation (either cab fare or .31 per mile).

Sporting Events -- We also compared the average cost for a pair of basketball tickets (all three cities are big basketball cities). New York is the highest with $230.00; in Los Angeles, two tickets are $171.00; and, Philadelphia ranks third with $79.00.

How to Save Money On Your Next Date In a conversation with, dating expert Connie Merritt argued against such unnecessary expenses: 'It doesn't have to be expensive. Dinner at a restaurant? Expensive and unimaginative. Barbeque or picnic at the beach or a park? Now you're talking -- thoughtful and not that expensive.'

Another expert on the subject of dating and romance told that both parties need to be open: Make sure the place you are going to eat is within your budget, whoever does the asking.

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