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Standard Banner Formats.

Banner specifications:

Standard formats:

Size: 468x60 and 236x60 pixels. These are the most common formats in the market.

File types: jpg, gif, simple, animated, html and JavaScript banners. Other technologies might apply as well.

System characteristics:

Software: thorough SSI services.

Banners per page: two; one in the header, and another in the footer of the page, like what you can see in this one. This distribution provides you with the best visibility without cluttering the screen and calling the attention of your potential customers on the essential moments of their visit (in the beginning, and when they are about to leave the page, that is, at the bottom).

Banner serving: normally, we upload your code to our servers and publish your ads from there, but is also possible to publish it directly from wherever you want.

Other characteristics:

Languages: we can serve your banners on our English section, our Spanish section or both (valid for options 1, 2 and 3).

Starting and termination: It is possible to start or terminate your campaign in predetermined dates. For example, you can reserve your ad spaces three months before Christmas, and we will start serving them on a specific date, such as on December 1.

Exposure rate: It is also possible to determine the cycling speed of your banners. If you require a fast campaign, we can calibrate our system so that it will show your ads in a rapid sequence thorough the system. On the other hand, if you would prefer to fit your campaign in your budget and show your ads slower, we can also configure our system to satisfy your needs.

Number of banners per campaign: you can publish more than one banner per campaign in most cases. However, it is recommendable to establish different campaigns for each one of them for various reasons, being the first that in the way in which our system is constructed, such an option will provide you with more accurate data.

Zoning and precision: in campaigns corresponding to our third option, banners will be shown according to the keywords and interest of visitors to our search engine. In this way, the effectiveness of your ads could easily surpass a 20% click-thru rate, reaching in some cases numbers as high as 50%. Remember that this is a highly targeted system. In the case of our run-of-the-site system you should expect ratios around 2%.

User information: we offer keyword-based access to general real-time statistics on each of your campaigns.


Maximum banner size: 15 K per banner. Most banners are smaller; however, you can compress your graphics with adequate software in order to accelerate loading times.

Content: we do not accept campaigns portraying adult, offensive, illegal or discriminatory material, or anything that might prove to be counterproductive to our image or the tastes or our audience. We reserve our right to cancel campaigns that violate this precept.

Changes: these cannot be made directly by advertisers. In order to guarantee the correct impression of your ads, our Webmaster must check all changes prior to their publication.

Response: please allow 48 work hours to fulfil your requests. In urgent cases we may deal with your issues more quickly. In the case of check and mail payments, we will proceed once these are accredited in our account.

Cancellations: once started, refunds on cancelled campaigns are not possible because of the costs and obligations incurred by Andinia.com.

Responsibilities: advertisers should provide Andinia.com with the data corresponding to the various ad campaigns purchased. Advertisers are also responsible for all copyright and legal issues concerning their advertising material and the content, products or services advertised. Andinia.com only provides an advertising service on good faith.


Presence: Andinia.com is one of the leading vertical search engines dealing with outdoor and extreme sports topics, present online since 1998, and with half a million monthly visitors. Our audience corresponds to an ABC type, 16 to 35 years old, coming mainly from the U.S, Canada, the zE.U., Chile, Mexico, Spain and Chile.

Reimbursements: we offer a 100% reimbursement on all cancelled accounts before the beginning of each campaign if no costs have been incurred by Andinia.com in order to provide the service; otherwise the appropriate, documented discounts will apply. No reimbursements will be available after campaigns begin.

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