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Purchase Inexpensive Banner Ads Online And In Small Quantities.

Option 1: 1,000 run-of-the-site banner impressions at only U$ 19,95 with a minimum purchase of only 1,000 impressions.

With an investment of just U$ 19,95 you could be right on track, advertising your products on a search engine and with more visibility than pay-per-click options so common nowadays!

In order to prove the effectiveness of any ad campaign or effort online, it is necessary to test the corresponding banners and ad copy.

That is, before investing thousands of dollars, it is prudent to make tests thorough some previous small-scale prototype campaigns in order to evaluate each component and make the necessary changes while they still imply small costs. After all, you would not like to find out that you have just wasted thousands campaigning with ineffective ads, would you?

It is not the same to publish online an and that pulls one visitor out of a hundred and one that attracts ten times that number, and this is something that can be easily modified by means of tests.

Naturally, we all want to develop efficient ad campaigns in order to get the best ROI (Return Of Investment) for our efforts. This practice is at the core of any successful business.

Given this situation, it is reasonable to assume that the average cost for 1.000 impressions online is around U$ 20,00, and in order to effectively test any ad, at least 3.000 impressions are required in order to appreciate the behaviour of each banner on a reasonable scale. This leaves us with a test cost of about U$ 60,00.

On the other hand, new businesses and small entrepreneurs find hard to provide themselves with important advertising budgets.

The problem is that most sites that offer ad serving campaigns for third parties never take into account the small guy, the small entrepreneur who has no deep pockets and is forced to buy tens of thousands of ad impression which may or may not work, thus incurring in high risks not because of his or her mistakes, but based on inflexible market conditions.

Just check what many publishers are asking for: you will rarely find one which sells less than 50.000 impressions per block, or in other cases, sell their impressions with prices well above U$ 50,00.

However, Andinia.com has developed a publishing service for your ads that transforms your advertising investment into something much less riskier. We cannot guarantee the specific effectiveness of your ad copy, but working with us your testing budget is considerably reduced, and thus, the risks involved into such an investment.

Our option No. 1 has been designed to allow you to test your banners purchasing a small number of impressions, at prices comparable to those offered to big-time advertisers!

Purchase this option if you want to test your banner ads; if you want to start a full-size campaign, we recommend you to review our options 2 and 3, which entail even lower prices thorough wholesale buying.

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Benefits of option No. 1, in brief:

1)-Ideal for test campaigns and for small advertisers.

2)-Good click-thorough ratios for run-of-the-site campaigns (1% - 2% are perfectly feasible).

3)-High visibility for your banners on decisive moments of each visit.

4)-Lower costs than in other portals and search engines.

5)-Lower cost per click as compared to effective pay-per-click search engines.

6)-Lower entry-level minimum orders as compared to other services.

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