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Wholesale Banner Advertising For Less Money.

Option 2: Run-of-the-site banner impressions at only U$ 9,95. Minimum purchase of 20.000 impressions (further discounts available on large-volume purchases).

This campaign has been designed for those who want to run advertising campaigns of proven efficiency at the lowest possible cost. It consists in run-of-the-site impressions thorough the pages of Andinia.com. It is an ideal option of branding efforts, and its cost is only U$ 9,95 per 1.000 impressions.

A minimum purchase of 20.000 impressions (U$ 200) is required, which is, by the way, a much lower threshold as compared to other publishers.

For individual orders of 100,000 impressions or more, we apply a further discount of 5% on the overall price.

We recommend this option only if you have already tested your ads, or if you want to run your campaign at the lowest possible cost. Don't jump into a sizable commitment if you are not yet certain about your ad's response rate. If you have not tested your ads with us, we recommend you to review first our option No 1, and if you want to run highly targeted campaigns, please review our option No 3.

If you would like to purchase your banner impressions at U$ 9,95 per 1.000 units, please contact us directly by email and we will forward you all the necessary information.

Benefits of option No. 2, in brief:

1)-More cost-effective than low-volume purchases.

2)-Good click-thorough ratios for run-of-the-site campaigns (1% 2% are perfectly feasible).

3)-High visibility for your banners on decisive moments of each visit.

4)-Lower costs than in other portals and search engines.

5)-Lower cost per click as compared to effective pay-per-click search engines.

6)-Volume discounts.

7)-Lower entry-level minimum orders as compared to other services.

To order your run-of-the site volume impressions, please contact us.

Would you like to try our option No. 1 first? For only U$ 19,95 and online payments, you can have a small advertising campaign up and working in just a few hours! Click here to learn more!

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