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Highly Targeted Banner Ads.

Option 3: Highly targeted banner advertising at U$ 19,95 per 1.000 impressions (minimum purchase of 10.000 impressions).

This option has been designed to provide you with the best return on investment thanks to a high degree of targeting. Ratios of 20% are normal using this option, and in some cases, our advertisers reach 50%, which is an excellent ratio under any circumstances.

The cost of this option doubles that of option No 1; however, it delivers a higher return, which makes it a sensible alternative to consider in the case that you want to sell a highly specific product or service to our audience.

Your ad will appear only when a visitor is seeking for keywords or concepts related to what you offer.

The cost for a No 3 campaign is U$ 19,95 per each 1.000 impressions, with a minimum purchase of 10.000 impressions (U$ 200).

However, if you place an order for 100.000 banner impressions or more a further discount of 5% applies.

We recommend this option for very specific ad campaigns. If you are trying to sell a specific product or service to our audience, then option No. 3 is for you. Don't commit yourself to a sizable investment if you are uncertain about your ad's targeting and response rates. If you just want to test your banners, we recommend you our option No. 1, and if you want to concentrate on branding or run-of-the site efforts, we recommend you to review our option No. 2.

If you would like to purchase your targeted banner impressions at U$ 19,95 per 1.000 units, please contact us directly by email and we will forward you all the necessary information.

Benefits of option No. 3, in brief:

1)-More effective than run-of-the site campaigns.

2)-High click-thorough ratios (20-50% are perfectly feasible).

3)-High visibility for your banners on decisive moments of each visit.

4)-Lower costs than in other portals and search engines.

5)-Lower cost per click as compared to effective pay-per-click search engines.

6)-Volume discounts.

7)-Lower entry-level minimum orders as compared to other services.

To order your targeted banner ads right now, please contact us.

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