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During the first years of the World Wide Web, it was common to see people clicking on every banner that appeared in front of their eyes.

A couple of years later, conventional wisdom told web marketers and entrepreneurs that since that was no longer the case, banner advertising had lost its flair and was therefore obsolete.

However, according to my observations as the Webmaster of a real-life search engine (Andinia.com), I am witness to the contrary: not only banner advertising is alive, but also kicking and delivering good results to those who can take advantage of it.

Certainly, the behaviour of the public is not the same as it was back in 1995; however, it is a mistake to measure click-thorough ratios and effectiveness taking that past conduct as a standard.

Back then, the World Wide Web was a novelty, and people used to click on every banner just because:

1)- It was fun to do so. Banners were just gadgets to fiddle with.

2)- Search engines and Directories were still underdeveloped and therefore, banners were used as a way to find other sites.

3)- E-commerce was almost nonexistent, and therefore the conducts of the public regarding banner advertising at that time are inapplicable to a commercial environment.

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