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These concepts reveal that at that time, banner advertising was highly untargeted and therefore, of little real use.

Certainly, it was easier than today to get high click-thorough ratios, but most visitors that websites used to get in such a fashion were not really good prospects.

Today, with increased competition as well as some degree of 'tiredness' on part of the people, it seems that banner advertising is dead, replaced by other means and devices such as pay=per-click search engines, ezine advertising, etc. and while these might be effective indeed, banner advertising still pulls if you know how to deal with it.

To say that banner advertising is unusable because of these factors is like saying that TV advertising is dead because people are tired of commercials and there are radio stations, magazines and something called 'The Web' attracting their attention.

Do you think that TV advertising is dead? Not by a long shot! In fact, TV networks and stations are making huge amounts of money with them.

So, conventional wisdom is not real wisdom.

Therefore, true entrepreneurs and people who want to succeed among the competition should begin looking under the surface in order to find real opportunities, and banner advertising is exactly that, more than ever.

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