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How to get a 20% response rate with your banners (III).

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Why? Because it is in vogue to neglect it and therefore, publishers are offering lower prices in order to find advertisers.

One thing that must be said about banner advertising, and in general - about any kind of publicity - is that in order to succeed, it should be designed and organised by professionals of the trade or at least, using some sort of precise techniques in order to gauge its effectiveness.

In terms of Internet advertising power, effectiveness means two things:

1)- That the banner grabs the attention of the web surfer, producing a click in the case that it has been designed for that, or making this person remember something, in the case of branding banners.

2)- That the banner eventually and ultimately produces a sale. This depends on the banner as well as the website where it leads. If you have a good banner but an ineffective site, your campaign will not deliver good results, and the same would happen if you have a good site but poorly designed banners.

Thus, advertising on the Web should be analysed as a series of steps or subsystems, and each one of these should be studied separately.

In the case of banners, my experience with hundreds of advertisers shows that good banner designs can pull a lot of traffic, making them profitable. For untargeted banners (i.e. branding), good designs can pull responses of about 2%, while mediocre banners produce results well below 1%.

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