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How to get a 20% response rate with your banners (IV).

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1% should be the minimum acceptable for untargeted banner advertising. That is, you should get at least one visitor to your site per 100 exposures of your banner. Less than that is probably a waste of money.

With well-targeted banners, the story is quite different: at Andinia.com we offer targeted and untargeted banner exposures. The latter ones can get - as I just said - results in the vicinity of 2%. The first ones can easily achieve click-thorough ratios of about 20%, and we had some customers achieving more than 50% in some cases.

Targeted advertising is more expensive than other types such as branding campaigns or run-of-the-site variants, but it is well worth an investment, because even if its upfront fees were seven times higher, you will still a better return for your investment. Moreover, in most cases, fees for targeted exposures are just one or two times higher than those proper of untargeted banner ads.

Just make some numbers: if a targeted campaign costs seven times more, then you would reasonably expect an effectiveness that is - at least - seven times higher, right?

Well, if you achieve a 20% click-thorough ratio with a targeted banner campaign, you will be getting even more visitors, because the relationship between the number of exposures compared to actual clicks will be more favourable.

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