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How to get a 20% response rate with your banners (V).

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On the other hand, there are many designs which are poor, and as a marketer you should not deceive yourself with nice words or optimism: you can achieve a 20% click-thorough ratio with your banners, even with simple, home-made designs, but you have to test and perfect them before committing yourself to a significant investment.

You may get by chance a good banner on your first try, but most of the time you will get such a tool only by design, and this implies testing and testing again until you know that you cannot improve it anymore.

Unless you have your own high-traffic website (at least 1.000 unique visitors per day), testing banner designs will almost certainly imply investing some money purchasing banner exposures.

In order to test a banner, you need to witness its "large-scale" behaviour with at least 3.000 exposures. You cannot really say whether a banner is good or not with a lesser number, because many factors take part into the process and can have influence over the final result.

For example, your banners could pull more traffic on Fridays, or on the first week of each month. Who knows? The Web is such a complex place that things of this kind happen all the time.

Thanks to testing, if you find that one of your banners works best on weekends, then by all means, the next time you purchase exposures for that particular design, concentrate on Saturdays and Sundays!

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