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How to get a 20% response rate with your banners (VI).

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This could means that instead of, say, having 2.000 daily exposures, each day of the week, - that is, 14.000 weekly exposures - you could spend your money on 7.000 exposures on each Saturday and Sunday, and you will receive more visitors. Sounds reasonable isn't it?

But how are you going to achieve such precision without testing? Aside from coincidence, from nowhere.

The problem with testing is that it also costs you money; therefore, you should try to minimise the costs of the process by purchasing only the necessary banner exposures for each stage of the overall testing process.

If you go and buy 100.000 exposures for each one of your untested designs, you will be probably wasting your money nine times out of ten.

While 3.000 exposures is the minimum number that you need in order to get to know the exact behaviour of each one your banners, our experience at Andinia.com shows that with 1.000 exposures you know at least one thing, which is whether the banner works at all.

That is, if you don't get any visitors, or a ratio inferior to 1% with 1.000 exposures, your banner will likely fail. With 3.000 exposures you will be able to discern details such as the best days for your ad, whether it pulls 1,9% or 2,1%, and such things, but the first 1.000 exposures will more often than not show you the way.

If you don't get satisfactory results with 1.000, you certainly need to change something, and it is better to do so after spending that number of exposures than 100.000, 10.000 or even 3.000, isn't it?

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