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Therefore, if you need 200 unique visitors to make a sale, then you need 2.000 exposures. At Andinia.com, that means spending $ 40.00 in targeted exposures, and this leaves you with a net profit of $ 10, which may or may not seem much, but actually serves to show that in such a way you can see whether you will actually make money or not.

Knowing these numbers and altering them to your advantage, you can increase your final profit margin. For example, if you make a new design that pulls 20% instead of 10%, then you would need just 1.000 exposures to make a sale, and that would mean that your profit would increase to $ 30,00 per product sold.

There is no basis to say that banner advertising - or for that matter, any form of publicity - is good or bad per se. Only within a context that arises from the evaluation of costs and benefits it is possible to really establish its efficiency for you.

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