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Some advice about banner design (III).

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Good selling banners never try to attempt to make the sale directly. Instead, they entice the surfer to click on them. Therefore, banners should catch the attention of the public presenting them something that appears as attractive.

Some designs which combine images with text, presented in targeted environments, seem the best. If, for example, you are selling backpacks, you should purchase targeted exposures for them but also provide the public with a design which somewhere presents the word 'Backpack'. A picture may be necessary, but is not enough in such cases.

Be very careful about pictures. Banners are comparatively small, and the increased resolution of modern computer screens make them appear even smaller in many cases. So, a picture, especially if it has low contrast or presents dark objects would likely be seen as image clutter, and not as what was intended.

In all cases, you should test your banners thoroughly. 3.000 exposures seem to be a good number.

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