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Advice And Answers For Our Affiliates: How do I know if I am working well?








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Obviously, if you are actually selling, then you should be doing something well. However, you should also consider how much effort you are putting in each sale, because the less effort per sale, the more money you can make.

Consider the following scale to evaluate your efforts. It relates the number of people who click on your banners or links, and the number of actual sales:

1 -30: Excellent job.

31 - 100: Very good.

101- 200: Good.

201 - 400: Average.

401 or more: Low efficiency.

With these numbers you should know if you are doing things right, because the issue here is not only to reach the biggest possible number of people, but reaching those who are actually motivated to buy. This principle is called targeting, and you can learn more about it by visiting our tools section or reading our articles.

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