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As the Webmaster of a real-life search engine, I have seen plenty of banner impressions, hits, visitors, successful business and failures. In these times, after the initial success of internet business and marketing techniques, we are witnessing a reordering of all factors within our market.

In this context, a lot has been said about the death of banner advertising, and the surge of new ways to deliver your message to the masses. However, considering the situation and what I see very day, the two questions that spring to my mind are: 'Is radio advertising dead because of television?' 'Is the cassette dead because of the CD?'

Certainly they aren't. So, why everyone is saying that banner advertising is dead? I say it is not, that you should not go with the mainstream if you want to succeed, and I also say that there is a great opportunity here that smart small business owners should take advantage of: here we have an advertising device with no real loss of effectiveness, but with lower prices. Banner advertising is redefining itself, and this is gold.

It is because the Internet, as a new mass-communications device, has seen the appearance and development of yet newer ways to deliver commercial messages, such as ezine advertising, permission-based email, etc. forcing a redefinition, the perfection of what has been taken for granted.

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