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One Of The Greatests Bargains In Internet-Based Advertising (II).

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However, the fact that banner advertising should coexist with these others is here to stay, and this created a new pricing dynamic that is behind the current price decrease for targeted a well as untargeted banner advertising.

Does that mean that banner ads lost all their effectiveness? There is no sustainable reason to say so. Certainly, some would say that banner ads are bring clicked less by people; that's because they lost some flavour of novelty that characterised the Web some years ago, but the same could be said of ezine advertising in a few years, or perhaps even next month, and the right thing to do is to act in order to make better banners, and not to consider the device obsolete.

This would be as ridiculous as tossing away antibiotics just because the old ones don't seem to work anymore. What do researchers do when patients don't respond anymore?

They come up with brand new, better products, and even after spending hundreds of millions in research, they assume that they will not stick for life to their new concoctions. Scientists know that they will have to evolve continuously.

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