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One Of The Greatests Bargains In Internet-Based Advertising (III).

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What does not work is the old scheme: our old banners, and our old marketing techniques are indeed obsolete; however banner advertising as a concept is intact, but more accessible than before.

The current price decrease for no other reasons that vogue and increased competition have created a new window of opportunity for small entrepreneurs and merchants online. The appearance of new sites and technologies reinforces the potential of this opportunity.

Let's review the facts:

Not so long ago, purchasing 1,000 targeted impressions on a search engine or directory could amount to something like US$ 70.00 or even more. Today, you can get the same quality of service for less than $ 10,00. At http://www.andinia.com/a02308.shtml you will find some more information on this issue.

Considering what the effectiveness of an average banner is within a targeted environment, this would amount to 200 unique visitors. A 20% response rate is normal in these cases. Remember that we are talking about well-targeted banners; good but untargeted banners usually produce a 1,5% response rate, while bad ones don't even reach 0,7%.

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