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One Of The Greatests Bargains In Internet-Based Advertising (IV).

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However, 200 visitors are barely enough to make a sale; therefore, if we see this from an optimistic point of view, we should say that US$ 70.00 would be that advertising cost of each sale, right?

Then you should start adding other costs which are implicit in the daily work of any company, and you would easily conclude that despite the fact that 1,000 targeted banner impressions will likely produce a sale, unless you were selling something really expensive, such as international airline tickets or something like that, such a proposition would be nonsensical in commercial terms for most merchants.

Since the Internet has become and ideal arena for low-budget entrepreneurs, this created a demand for less expensive advertising alternatives, and among those rose Ezine advertising, permission email, and banner advertising on vertical markets, all of which offer lesser costs than traditional alternatives.

Of these, redefined banner advertising is the one which has the lower costs so far because is dragging the prejudices of its past incarnation, and publishers are beginning to offer really interesting services in order to attract potential customers. So, it could well be your best bet if you want to advertise efficiently and inexpensively.

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