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Banner Advertising Is Still Effective On Search Engines (I).

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What are you seeking when you visit a search engine? Information, that is. You are looking for a website, an article or whatever could satisfy your needs. Maybe, you need information about a product, a person, a job, or whatever, but the essence of your visit is to look for something.

That is, surfers who enter a search engine are rarely just fooling around. They want something specific, and they have no problem clicking on any link that spells a promise to satisfy their requirements, including banners.

In other words, search engine users are motivated, and if the right banner appears in front of them at the right time, then there is no reason for them not to click on it. Moreover: given the fact that banners have colours, are bigger than text links, and call attention with animations, high contrast and other devices, it is statistically very likely that surfers will pay attention to them, despite the fact that when visit other kind of sites they may just ignore them completely.

So, there is little question about the quality of banners as attention grabbers if they are placed within a suitable framework. That is, if they appear when and where they should.

There has been a lot of talk recently about banner advertising, the alleged loss of its effectiveness and so on. Indeed, the public may already be saturated with web-based advertising, but saturation means that ads are being placed everywhere, and not just where they really count.

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