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Banner Advertising Is Still Effective On Search Engines (II).

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Well-placed and targeted banners are as far from being obsolete as it is prime-time TV-based advertising. We all complain about ads appearing during our favourite movie, but we still have TV ads, right? Producers, directors and television businesspeople are not dumb, so we need to think a little again about all this banner doomsday talk.

As the Webmaster of a search engine that, in fact offers banner spaces, I am in a position to say that for sure, under certain circumstances banner advertising not only continues to provide very good results, but even better than other forms of advertising, for the reasons that I have just mentioned.

Banner placement, as an advertising technique is just like any other, including TV commercials. All tools can be used badly or in the right way; that's up to the user, and it is illogical to pretend that when things don't work it's the tool's fault.

If an adequate banner appears at the adequate moment and in the right position, then there is no reason to think that it would not work. Sure, there are some that set their browsers so that no graphs appear, but there is no ideological opposition or conspiracy against banners among surfers!

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