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Banner Advertising Is Still Effective On Search Engines (III).

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What's more: there are a lot of people who don't set up their browsers in order to nullify banners, and those who do can still get your message if you provide them with a good ALT text.

This means that despite all the negative talk about banners - much like in the case of TV commercials - banner advertising might be a good choice for your next online advertising campaign. It depends on what goals you are trying to reach, and how do you plan to do it.

Certainly, pering the Web with banners would hardly work, and if it does it would be highly inefficient and thus, costly. In the past, it may have been the case that any banner would grab the attention of any surfer on any website, but not anymore. The public is more discerning online because the Internet already became part of our world.

No more fire-at-will banner clicking. This is certainly no longer the case, as it is no longer the case that people walking in the street will stop to see passing cars (one day they did) as incredible new marvels, or when folks had their fridges right in the living room as status symbols, or when anything that was on TV was right, including commercials. Things change over time, but that doesn't mean that they should disappear.

This is the reason behind a fact about which everyone agrees: targeted banners on search engines and sites of interest to a specific audience are very effective, and will continue to be.

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