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Banner Advertising Is Still Effective On Search Engines (IV).

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For example, Andinia.com - the site which I run - is a search engine for adventure end extreme sports enthusiasts. There, banners related to specific sports or interests such as backpacking, ecology, healthy lifestyles and so on regularly reach click-thorough ratios of 20% or more when they are placed within well-targeted parameters.

The same banners, on the same site, but placed in an untargeted fashion, usually reach a 1,5% response rate.

Banners might fare well if their overall design is good, but not as much as when they are placed in such a way that their content relates directly to the immediate interests of the audience. Good targeting means that even lousy or extremely simple and cheaply designed banners would deliver fairly good results.

Once we placed a banner promoting our own affiliate program. This banner was a simple, static black gif archive with big, white letters in Arial font. It said: 'You can profit from a search engine' and it reached a success rate of 22%.

Since search engines, portals and directories cover wide fields of information and audiences, it is relatively easy to find there a niche for your specific banner.

Among the big names in the industry you will certainly find a place for your ad; whether you are selling fish in Iceland or Argentinean wine, you will find a place suitable enough for your message and your products. Just take a look at any of the big engines and search for Icelandic fish or wine from Argentina! You will certainly find results related to those things, and among those results is where your banners should appear as well.

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