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Banner Advertising Is Still Effective On Search Engines (V).

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However, this will usually turn to be expensive, since these companies charge a lot because of their brand name, reputation and scale. Not so long ago, I saw that getting 1,000 targeted impressions on a brand-name engine or directory could put you back US$ 70,00 or more, and considering that even a small test campaign requires usually more than 5.000 impressions, your would have to invest a sizable amount of money just to find the right banner design for that particular slot.

On the other hand, smaller, highly specialised websites may not offer possibilities as wide as those proper of the giants, but they do offer an even more specific and motivated audience, because since it is even more unlikely that their visitors would be just lurking around, whenever you grab the attention of one of such surfer, then you would have stricken gold.

The difference between campaigning on a big search engine and a targeted, specialised one is like going to the supermarket as opposed to going to your local quality grocery store. Going with the big fellows has its advantages, certainly; but if you want that particular sort of marmalade, you ask your well-known grocery owner, and he may even get it from the other side of the world just for you!

That is, on a really big search engine or directory some people looking for dolls might end with a page portraying 'dollars' by mistake. On a vertical market search engine, it is a fact that the public will always be and remain more specific and related to common interest, and if you talk to the webmaster of a big engine or a sales rep., you will find more institutional inflexibility opposing your requirements than in the case of a smaller company.

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