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12 Tips To Make A Killer Banner Ad (I).

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1)- Colours: the most effective combinations seem to be white background with blue or red letters, and black background with white letters. You should use aneasy to read font, such as Arial or Times Roman - and preferably - the same size and aspect as the fonts used in your web pages.

2)- Contrast: never use similar colours for the background and fonts! If you use a dark colour for the background, you should use a light one for your text, andvice versa. It is not enough that you see it; think about those surfers that need to use glasses as well!

3)-Animation: animated banners usually deliver better results, but use animation conservatively and don't overload your banner with it. What directs people to click on your banner on impulse should be the animated part of it, such as a 'Click here' message.

4)- Size: always keep your banners under 12 Kb. Use compressors, if necessary. You can download these from various websites as freeware or shareware. In any case, you will probably need sophisticated tools in this regard; just the basics.

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