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12 Tips To Make A Killer Banner Ad (II).

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5)- Text: short, brief sentences are better than long ones. Theses sentences should be as descriptive and powerful as classified advertising headlines or those found in the main page of a newspaper. You don't need to describe your offer in full. Your banner should just produce a click.

6)- Simplicity: no matter what ad copy you write, make it so that everyone understands it quickly. Don't use elaborate words or sentences. Simple works better. For example, instead of 'purchase', use 'buy', and instead of 'inexpensive', just write 'cheap.'

7)- Curiosity: your banner should entice your audience. Make them curious enough to look and click. Writing a question - even an apparently disconnected one - works very well: just ask yourself if you wouldn't look at something that reads like 'Would you miss this?' even if you don't know what is going on?

8)- Pictures: sometimes, pictures work well. I personally think that text is better, but if you want to put a picture, make sure that it is small, it occupies just a corner of the banner, leaving room for your message, and is closely related to what you are trying to sell. For example, if you sell tents, a image of a tent will be ok, but if you sell camping gear, the relationship between the tent and the broader notion about camping gear might prove to be too vague to be useful.

9)- Similarity: if you design a banner that is similar to something that is usually grabbed, clicked on or acted upon, it will be more likely that people will click on it. For example, banners designed to look as windows, pull-down forms or menus, etc. cause more positive impulses on surfers. In other words, you are almost causing a learned reflex that leads them to click.

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