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12 Tips To Make A Killer Banner Ad (III).

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10)- Memorabilia: always plaster your domain name on your banner, even if it is written in very small letters. This causes a residual memory effect in the minds of surfers that just look at it. They will probably remember your domain later and make a visit to your site. Using this element, you will give more span to your banner's immediate effects.

11)- Interactivity: HTML and JavaScript banners (and even Perl contraptions thorough SSI channels) can produce a certain interaction with the surfer, much like forms do. By bringing people to interact with your banner, you are also bringing them closer to an actual visit to your site.

12)- Originality: if at all possible, don't use designs already found elsewhere, like those coming from automated banner production sites. These are good to start with, but if people are feeling a little wary about banners nowadays, more so about those designs that they have likely seen in the past.

So remember: colours, contrast, animation, size, text, simplicity, curiosity, pictures, similarity, memorabilia, interactivity, originality. If you combine as many of these factors as possible, you will develop a quality banner that will almost surely contribute to increase your visitors and sales. However, you should always test your prototypes using small-scale campaigns before launching them to your whole market.

These small campaigns are not destined to sell but to test, and should include various different banner models. You should run each one of them between 3.000 and 5.000 times in order to get statistically sound results. At http://www.andinia.com/cgi-local/buscar_productos/fs01748-profitable-affiliate-programs-en.shtml you will find several other articles regarding banner usage as well as important concepts about these test campaigns.

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