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Steps to follow during a wilderness emergency (IV).

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Procuring a shelter:

This is normally the second stage of the survival process. Once the immediate danger has subsided, you should look for ways to protect you and your fellow survivors from the environment.

No matter whether you are in a cold or tropical region, you will have to protect yourself from freezing temperatures, the action of the sun and other factors that may become dangerous.

Besides, seeking a little comfort will help you enormously if you have to stay stranded at the spot for any given period of time.

There are various ways in which you may procure yourself a shelter:

1)-Use an existing, artificial construction, such as the remains of a vehicle, a cabin, etc.

2)-Take advantage of natural formations, such as caves, cracks in the ice of glaciers, etc.

3)- Build your own shelter, let it be a convenience construction or an elaborate thing.

A high-mountain improvised shelter.
Shelters such as this one can are easy to improvise.
This one covered protected explorers during a blizzard.

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