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Steps to follow during a wilderness emergency (V).

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In any case, the shelter should provide each survivor with a minimum confort and protection. However, experience tells that in most cases, after a quick construction, your shelter will not be as good as you expected.

If this happens to you, be patient and consider that you will have time to improve your shelter later on. It is essential that you never start toying with your new home while weather is giving you a beating in any way (raining, snowing, etc.)

If you dig a cave in the snow during a blizzard and you don't find it comfortable despite the fact that you are well protected from the environment, and then you attempt to improve it, you may well end without a cave, and with all your gear buried under the snow.

If this happens to you during a sunny day, indeed, it will be inconvenient; but during a storm, it may kill you.

There is also the possibility of finding a shelter prepared beforehand, at least in some regions. Near Antarctic bases, for example, it is usual to find shelters each 20 to 30 kilometres along common routes, and explorers, researchers and military personnel just have to reach one of them in order to be safe.

It is also usual among explorers to prepare their own shelters and deposits with essential provisions along their routes to uncharted regions.

In some cases, common inhabitants may prepare their own emergency shelters as well: in Patagonia and Alaska, local farmers and hunters usually build cabins at strategic places along their common routes, be it along rivers, roads or trails, and with a little experience and common sense, it is possible to find them even if you don't know the region.

An ice cave as a shelter.
Ice and snow caves make superb shelters. This one was
found on an uncharted section of Patagonia.

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