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Steps to follow during a wilderness emergency (VII).

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This means that one of the survivors should keep guard on the campfire at all times. Of course, this task should be alternated between members, and guard duties should go on for no longer than four hours each day.

The person on guard duty should keep an eye on the campfire, but could also perform other tasks such as cooking, cleaning, repairing, etc. while staying around the flames. Moreover, this person should not be distracted from thecampfire area because in the event of the appearance of a vehicle, a passing airplane, etc. he or she would be in the best position to lit on the already prepared emergency signals.

Remember that under such circumstances, yours is not a holiday camp. That passing airplane could well be the last, so take your guard duties very seriously and never transform them into a routine.

Those on guard cannot take a nap while on this important assignment, cannot play or listen to music, and should not do anything that could plausibly impede the full functioning of their senses, because from them the survival of the whole group may depend. You would not like to spend five years of your life on aremote island just because somebody was listening music, arguing or sleeping.

Looking after a campfire.
Campfires should never be left unattended.
Someone must always stay near them, just in case.

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