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Steps to follow during a wilderness emergency (X).

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However, not in all cases you will be able to prepare such signals. Therefore, the whole group of survivors should be prepared to react immediately and make any kind of detectable signals if required.

During the early years of the twentieth century, an expedition led by Dr. Nordenskjold and sponsored by the Argentine Government reached Antarctica. A few were left on the continent, and the ship that brought them began its journey back to South America. Their plan was to return during the coming summer, but the ship got caught in the ice and sunk.

Those left on Antarctica spent two years before an Argentine ship could reach again the spot where they had built a cabin and were surviving on Pemmican food and penguins. During this period, one of the men was always kept on guard duty over a nearby hill, waiting for a ship to appear on the horizon, and this is how they were saved.

The ship, named 'Uruguay' as well as the cabin itself are kept as museums. The ship is commissioned at Buenos Aires' harbor, and the cabin is reachable by helicopter from a nearby research base called 'Esperanza' (Hope).

Watching for mirror signals.
Mirrors, smoke, etc. can also be used for signalling.
In this case, we were waiting to rescue two mountaineers.

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