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Steps to follow during a wilderness emergency (XII).

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Early during World War II, the city of Leningrad (now St. Petersburg), was besieged by German troops that surrounded it completely and virtually sealed it off from the world.

For three years, the Germans and their Finnish allies pounded it with everything at hand and managed to kill over a million and a half of its inhabitants. Nevertheless, they were unable to penetrate Leningrad's defences or break down her defenders.

During the three winters endured by Russian soldiers and civilians, temperatures fell well below -30 degrees Celsius, but with limited ammunition, scant resources and under constant enemy fire, their trenches held and people managed to survive.

The frontline troops, with no leave or rest between operations received the best food available, and usually this amounted to 500 calories a day, which is less than what you get when you eat a little hamburger. Other people received even less.

One of my father's acquaintances was a former Russian paratrooper that scored 14 combat drops during the war and intervened in the battle for Leningrad. He used to say that while on duty, soldiers used to eat even the wallpapers that they found on scorched houses.

So before complaining, think twice.

Freshly-baked bread.
Bread is easily baked, even during survival situations. Here you can see some
not-so-small pieces of bread inside metal jars, where they were baked.

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