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Preventing dangerous situations (III).

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If you are not qualified to visit some regions, such as Antarctica, don't do that. Train and learn first, or target regions more suitable for your knowledge and experience levels before attempting such feats. Being honest with yourself is very important.

In this way you can protect yourself from most such 'environmental risks' a priori, something that is impossible to achieve otherwise. On the other hand, you should try to minimise other variable risks associated with your own attitudes by being prudent.

For example, if you like to climb rocks it is evident that there will be some danger associated with the nature of the sport. If you don't want to take those risks, you may choose not to start climbing after all. But if you do, there is a lot of difference between doing it by the numbers or by impulse and without regard for any safety measures.

Planning is particularly important, and no matter how little appeal it may have, it has to be done. There are no fortuitous events; even the worst accidents have a cause related to a human mistake, or as Sun Tzu once wrote 'The general that wins in the battlefield, has already won in his mind as well."

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