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Preventing dangerous situations (XII).

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Advice others on your departure:

True professionals take nothing for granted, and you shouldn't as well. Whenever you are starting a new trip you should not trust just on your good fortune. Tell others about your itinerary, contingency plans and overall schedule before you leave, so that if for any reason you don't come back after a prudential period of time there will be someone looking for you.

For example, if you plan to climb a mountain, you should advice the local police or security forces, as well as a friend, relative or acquaintance, and tell them everything about your plans. You should describe where you plan to camp, which route you plant to take to the peak, and so.

Indeed, once you specify your plans you shouldn't change them. Otherwise, if a problem arises those individuals would be looking for you where they think you are, and not near your real position. If you don't tell them, they have no way of knowing what you are doing.

Remember that during emergencies time plays an essential role; there should be no waste or delays on useless search efforts. On the other hand, consider that rescue workers are people who incur on strenuous and risky efforts to save your life as well as others'. Don't cause them yet more problems.

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