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Preventing dangerous situations (XIII).

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Consider your own limitations:

Not all are born with extraordinary talents. Not all of us are in a splendid physical shape, have enough experience or training to deal with every possible kind of survival situation. We are human beings and as such, we face limitations.

One of the main causes for accidents in the wilderness is to assume that 'Nothing can happen to me.'

Under assumptions such as this one it is common that many trekkers underestimate the risks poised by the wilderness, or overestimate their personal capability to cope with such situations.

A common mistake is to assume that just by looking at a map it is possible to make an easy walk from one point to another because ostensible data indicates that the distance between them is fairly short.

However, this common appreciation does not take into account the morphology of the terrain which usually increases walking distances and difficulties.

The existence along the way of important obstacles such as rivers and glaciers can also be underestimated, and many accidents occur due to this oversimplification of facts.

Remember that nature is far more powerful than us, and we may have to pay dearly for our undue mistakes.

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