P. Edronkin

Survival tales: the case of the Uruguayan crash in the Andes (III).

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Soon, they began eating the dead. Someone made the cuts using a piece of broken glass, and they ate the flesh usually raw, but sometimes dried it under the sun beforehand. They began with those that nobody knew, but no all accepted to survive in that way.

A couple of weeks later, an avalanche left only 16 alive. The last member of the crew died then as well.

After living from dead bodies for nearly two months, the two strongest among the survivors began a journey to seek help. In ten days they made ten kilometers and reached a green valley in Chile, where a local peasant found them. A couple of hours later, the rest of the survivors were rescued by helicopters.

The remains of the ill-fated aircraft are still on the mountain, where a small chapel has been erected to the memory of those who died on the accident. However, the Argentine border police usually does not allow visitors into the area.

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